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Andrea Angioli and Alessia Moccia were born in Rome, Italy. 
Andrea inherits the love for cinematography from his family, a third-generation professional in the movie industry. He grew up in Cinecittà Studios in Rome. His father was a movie distributor and producer. Andrea started working in production after high school. Proudly co-produced and distributed more than 100 films for cinema and television.
Alessia is also a photography producer. She manages over 10 international photographers, working with celebrities for magazines and with fashion brands.
They founded Club 7, the official celebrity lounge of the most important international film, art, and music festivals.
In 2013, they moved to Miami and opened PrimopianoTv Florida, specializing in TV shows, photo campaigns, documentaries, adv photo shoots, music videos, commercials, and events.
In 2017 they founded AMERICANOIZE, an Influencer Marketing agency. Proud to build brand awareness and with extensive experience in the local and international markets, Americanoize assures the best marketing experience ever., discovering new creators and partnering with global specialized agencies to have the freedom to pick the perfect influencers. Americanoize creates campaigns based on strategies defined by analyzing the specific client needs so that the Influencer Campaign will be more effective and can better convert our generated traffic and interest in terms of ROI

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